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Feature matrix.

Here is a feature comparison matrix between the free and the registered version of Amateur Invest.

There were some restrictions on features in prior versions - eg. on the number of downloads possible - those restrictions has been removed from the 2007 A version and later.

You are welcome to use the free version for as long as you like - nothing in the program prevent that. If you like the features available, and have no need for the extra features, you can keep on using the unregistered version. By registering you get access to some more advanced features, that are "greyed out" in the unregistered version.

You can register here.

The feature matrix below only show some of the more requested features. The program has a lot more functions than what are described here. Please download the program, and try for yourself.

Please contact us, if you have any questions.

Feature: Free Version: Registered Version:
Price: 0 USD $40 / $49.99
Support: Limited
Number of technical analysis available: 1 8
Number of investment wizards available: 1 15
Restrictions on number of portfolios: 2 None
Registration reminder: Once in a while None
Download currency exchange rates for free:  
Download historical prices for free:  
Access to all functions: Minor restrictions
Download prices from many countries for free:
Unlimited number of stocks in portfolio:
Securities in multiple currencies:
Short selling:
Stock ticker scrolling on screen:
Download more security definitions:
Top 10 / Bottom 10 list:
High and low list:
Access to all reports:
Unrestricted graph of prices:
Stop loss / Stop profit:
Financial calendar:
Finance links:
What if analysis:
Hints and ideas:
Unlimited number of bank accounts:
Unlimited number of bank transactions:
Interest rate calculation:
Currency exchange rates:

Register here.

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