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A password manager:

KIS - "Keep It (a) Secret"!
On this page the program "KIS" - "Keep it (a) secret" is presented.

Version 2002B, Aug. 2002

The program is free to use, and there are no limits / restrictions. It has been made for the public domain, because I needed it myself, and in all honesty - also to get people to visit this web-site, so that the other products gets noticed.

These items can be found on this page (click on one or scroll down the page):

- What is KIS?
- Donations.
- Download KIS.
- Version history.
- Translations.

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What is KIS?

In todays world there are so many userid's, codes, passwords, and keys, that it is often difficult to remember and manage them all.

Now "Keep it (a) secret!" can help you - remember just one secret code, and you can have all your other user id's, codes, passwords, and keys, stored in just one place. Easy and secure to manage.

The software program is made to be easy to use, and all the files including your secret codes can be stored on just one diskette or a memory stick - so that you can carry it around with you.

No one else but you, knows or can find the code. The text is encrypted with that code, and nobody else - with any other code - can look at the text.

The encryption algorithm used to alter the text is very advanced, and it is not likely to be broken.

Main screen for KIS, Codes, Userid and Password Manager software.

You can also use it to store other texts, letters, etc. Any plain text can be entered, and it will be encrypted. If you wish to send the letter via email afterwards, then include it in a letter, and if the receiver also has KIS, then tell him or her the code, and he or she can read the letter.


As stated, the program is free. But if you like it, and/or wish to support further development of the program, you can make a donation.

A donation of US $15 - can be done via the internet from here:

- Or you can send a letter with US $10, or EUR 10, or DKK 100 in cash, together with your e-mail address.

You'll receive an e-mail with codes that you can enter into the program.

Download Keep it (a) Secret:

Keep It (a) Secret works with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It includes full install and uninstall.

The program (appx. 0.5 Mb) can be downloaded by pushing the relevant link:

- English text by Rene Michael
- Danish text by Rene Michael

(Web masters / shareware sites should look for PAD file here).

Please sign the guest book, when you download files from Simply data.

KIS - Keep It Secret - a password manager - and much more !

Keep it (a) Secret, Version history:

2002, Rev. B, Aug. 2002.
- Hint text in text area will only show the first 2 times the program is run.
- Now English and Danish versions are ready.

2002, Rev. A, Mar. 2002.
Second release. Many improvements:
- Can retrieve coded file from internet.
- Can change text font, etc.

2001, Rev. A, Aug. 2001.
First release.

Translations of Keep it (a) Secret:

It is possible to translate the program. For your trouble you'll receive registration codes, and your name will be mentioned here.

To translate the program, you'll need these files (plain text, not totalling more than 8 kb):

kis.usl - kis.usm - kis.ust - kis.ush

When you have translated the files, please mail them - and they will be posted here.

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