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Stock investment school / Share investment school.

These pages contain information about investments, securities, stocks / shares, bonds, mutual funds, money and portfolio management.

The pages are targeted for the novice to medium experienced investor / stock investor / share investor / trader. You can read, and learn how to invest, step by step - an easy to use stock investment school.

Investment school, Learn how to invest with Amateur Invest - main screen with portfolio shown.
(Main window of Amateur Invest)

The texts will be exemplified with the use of the portfolio management software program Amateur Invest. You can however use the stock investment school without using Amateur Invest. But if you do use Amateur Invest, you might be able to pick up new ideas here also.

These topics are available (click on any or scroll down the page to see more):

1. Investment school content
2. User written papers
3. More papers are welcome
4. Under continued construction

1. Investment school content:

The content on these investment school pages are divided into these major topics:

1. Before you buy
What are securities?
What are stocks/shares?
What are bonds?
What is a mutual fund?
How does the stock market work?
Where do you trade?
- your homework, etc.

2. Maintaining a portfolio
Personal finance made easy - What is a portfolio? - What is Technical Analysis?
Dividend - Taking currencies into account?
- When to sell, etc.

2. User written papers:

Here below you can download (by clicking on the each paper) information about investing:

1. Humorous introduction into various aspects of investments. Submitted by Art Schreckengost: stock paper, appx. 55 Kb, and mutual funds, appx. 65 Kb.

2. Your contribution.

3. More papers are welcome:

If you would like to contribute to these pages, you can submit your ideas and text via mail.

It can only be a win-win situation, to have Amateur Investors brief each other about investments. For this purpose, you can also use the discussion forum.

If your contribution is accepted, it'll be with your name on these pages, and also you'll receive a 50% discount on the regular registration fee for the program Amateur Invest.

4. Under continued construction:

These stock investment school pages are still under construction. You can contribute as others have already done.

More to come - Stay tuned!

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