Investment Demo / Screencast.

A screencast is a recording of the screen activities together with a voice presentation.

Below you'll find 2 investment demos / screencasts of how you can use Amateur Invest: 1) is a general introduction to program features, and further down this page 2) shows how to set up and import prices.

Please click on a format of your choice below, either windows media (wmv) format or flash format. You'll need a flash player for the flash screencast to run, or alternatively use the Windows media player, which already is available on most windows machines. The presentation / screencast should then start in a window.

NB: remember to turn on the sound. Each demo / screencast contain a voice presentation going through the various functions of the program.

You can also take a look at the screen shots and the tutorial pages, if you do not wish to run the demo / screencast here below.

Screencast 1. Demo - General introduction / overview of the program:

Click to run/download demo screencast 1 (duration of screencast is 10.55 minutes) in either: windows media invest-intro (8.3 mb) or flash invest-intro (5.6 mb) format.

Click to run gereral introduction demo screencast with windows media player. Contain the following:  
- Intro  
- Bank overview - Accounts
- Transactions
- Budgetting
- Investment overview - Securities
- Portfolio
- Graphics
- Summing up  

Screencast 2. Demo - Importing prices and setting up the program:

Click to run/download demo screencast 2 (duration of screencast is 11.10 minutes) in either: windows media invest-security-setup (18.4 mb) or flash invest-security-setup (15.8 mb) format.

Click to run demo screencast about price setups in windows media player. Contain the following:  
- Securities - Getting more securities than what have been predefined
- Finding securities yourself
- Adding new security to the portfolio
- Importing prices  

More indepth demo's / screencasts are later to come about:

- Graphs, Reports, wizards, and more
- Banking and budgetting

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