Add Securities window.

In the add securities window, you can enter your own securities manually. This is the basis for entering buys to your portfolio and for importing prices automatically.

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Pay special attention to the "ID Import" field. In this field you enter the "symbol" code that can be found at Yahoo for many companies, mutual funds, bonds, etc. around the world. Eg. Microsoft has the symbol "MSFT". You can do a symbol lookup on - and you can see / lookup many codes for import id's from around the world here.

This id import code is important - because this is the way, that the automatic price download can find the prices for each security.

You must also choose the currency - if you have trades in other countries. - Also remember to set your base currency in the "Admin" window.

Finally you can use other fields to enter for example key economic indicators, that can help you make your investment decisions, e.g. when you do value investing.

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Add Securities window.

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Disclaimer: The name Amateur Invest is used because it is an easy to use program. But do not be fooled - just because it is easy, doesn't mean it isn't versatile. - It is a program with many features also used by professionals. Invest like a pro...

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