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Author comments page.

Hello, I'm R. Michael, the author of this internet site, and the software found here.

I have added this "author comments" page, to tell you a bit about myself, and to keep you up to date on this page also. I hope to turn this into a sort of a blog at some point. You can also read other more personal information here.

Disclaimer: I would like to point out, that the term "Amateur" is used with the highest regard. My focus is on making programs, books, and internet sites that can be used by people in general. There are plenty of programs, books and sites for specialist - now it's us Amateurs turn!

Author comment from August 2006: Vacation time is over, and energy has been somewhat restored. This autumn, I hope to get a new version of Amateur Invest out, as well as a new version of KIS. Also I hope to be able to translate my book to English. And I have several ideas for new software, and new internet sites. - Lots of projects and so little time. If you are interested, then look at the venture capital page - this is currently the only way I can see, that can give me more time to finish all those great ideas.

Author comment from January 2006: A new year is beginning. Things has been and are still very busy. A new version of KIS has not made it yet, as time has been used for working on many other projects like the internet site here, and a new version of Amateur Invest.

Author comment from June 2004: One year has gone. We have been busy having a new house built. In July 2003 we bought an old house, in September we had it removed, and in November we started on the new house. It was finished in April 2004, and since then the garden had to be finished also. Also a very close relative has been very ill. All these events has taken up a lot of time. Hopefully things will settle down during this fall - so that new versions of Amateur Invest and KIS can make it out the door.

April 2003: Once again spring is here. I have changed the looks on the site - from a little bit dull to "pastel" colors. Also I'm trying to update the investment school pages, so that more people will visit. It's great to get feedback and registrations!

December 2002: I'm working hard on many projects. First of all promoting this site and the software programs - that is the only way to get more visitors and ultimately users. More visitors and users mean more enhancements and more information to the benefit of all. - You can help. See these pages for info: Promoting - Linking and Advertising.

November 2002: So many ideas, so little time - wintertime is already here. And even though the stock market isn't quite as favorable as it used to be, you can use the brand new Amateur Invest 2002X, to enhance your earnings. I'm working on the next version, and I think there is one major enhancement; the "Investment Advisor", that is going to make Amateur Invest really great - read about it on the beta page.

June 2002: Summer is here - and so is Amateur Invest 2002E! I have called it so because it is an Extended Edition - You can get stock prices/quotes in almost realtime, and now also historical prices. You can get currency exchange rates and new companies via the internet as well. My daughter is turning 7 in June and my son is turning 4 later also in June - what a great month...

February 2002: A new year is here, and with comes the new release of Amateur Invest 2002B! I have lots of things planned with new releases of the programs I have written, and also with this site. Unfortunately there is not always enough time. Please help advertise the programs, and we can get more users. With improved economy in the project, more time should be possible...

November 2001: I'm happy to announce the major release of Amateur Invest 2002A! Many new features and improvements have made it into this release. - I think it will be worth your while - please try it before you register.

Many of the features in the new release has been suggested by users. So If you have ideas, please send them - work has already begun on the next Amateur Invest.

August 2001: To promote the programs, and this site further - I have added a "Make money"-page. There you can read how to both make, and save money. Please take a look, and consider joining.

Also I have added some personal pages - for example a list of countries I have visited.

June 2001: I have just returned, together with my family, from a 14 day vacation to the Spanish island of Mallorca. It was nice to relax a bit.

March 2001: I'm pleased to announce, that I have now bought the domain name www.amateur-invest.com. This will make me more in control of these pages.

December 2000: My book has been published! It is targeted specifically for amateur investors and the title is: "make money on stocks". At first it will be published in Danish, but I'm now in the process of translating parts of it to English...

Book cover: "Make money on stocks".

I also have an extra reason to be extremely happy. Amateur Invest has received a 5-cow rating award from the large shareware site Tucows. See their comments here.

In general:
Amateur Invest is available at the moment in English and Danish, but I would like to add other languages, for example German and Spanish. So if you have the time - and there's a lot to translate - please contact me from here. We can write about the specifics - Eg. I'll reward you with a registered version, and if you set up an internet site that generates registrations in the language you have translated, there'll be money in it for you also!!!

Even though Amateur Invest 200x, can update stock prices automatically via Yahoo, - Please keep on visiting my site, because lots more will be added - the discussion forum is taking off, the program is enhanced all the time, and hopefully we all can make this a prosperous place to watch, and participate in!!!

So tell your family, friends, and colleagues:

Tell a friend.

Happy investing...

R. Michael, 1. November, 2001

If you wish to see some holiday pictures, there are some from my family vacation, the summer of 2000 in Turkey. It was nice to relax a bit together with my family.

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