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Amateur Invest software awards / ratings page!

On this page, you can see some of the ratings / awards for Amateur Invest.

Amateur Invest has been awarded / rated by many shareware sites. Not all of them are mentioned here below. Mostly because ratings and awards by shareware sites, are sometimes done in an unfair manner. For example, high ratings and awards are given to shareware vendors, that sponsor the site (pay money), or make a link back to the site (link exchanging gives higher rank in search engines).

So you have to be sceptical when you see awards / ratings for software. Therefore only the sites, that have been approved by us are mentioned here. And since some of the ratings are of older versions, and of older date, some links to the sites, might not work anymore. - You'll have to trust, that the comments, and award / rating for the software program was given as stated.

Please scroll all the way down the page, to see all the ratings / awards, given to Amateur Invest. Click on the graphics to go to the site with the rating / award.

If you have a shareware site, and would like to do a thorough test of Amateur Invest, and give it a award / rating, based on your own findings, let us know. When you have examined the program, and written your own description of your findings, and given the program a fair rating / award, you can be listed here below.

FindMySoft award for Amateur Invest - FindMySoft - four star (4/5) Excelent award / rating - with video also! (Dec. 2012)

3d2f - Review (Apr. 2007) - click here, to see.

Top award for stock software.- top five-diamond (5/5) award / rating! (Dec. 2002)

5 Star software award for investment software. - top five-star (5/5) award / rating! (Aug. 2001)

www.tucows.com - Top five-cow (5/5) award / rating! (Oct. 2000) Top award for investor tool.

Their description then (when the file number was 198175):

"Amateur Invest is the ultimate investor's tool. It's quick and easy-to-use. And it is loaded with options.
Spend more time watching the market and less time learning software. This user-friendly program will get you organized and simplify the paperwork that goes into managing investments."

Rene Michael comments: I fully agree with their findings. They have found the essence of what Amateur Invest is all about, - doing the job in an easy way.

Later (in 2003) their rating changed to a 4 cow rating (for file number 315621) - The review is gone now, but you can see Amateur Invest has a "popular" rating - click here to see.

www.zdnet.com - Medium three-star (3/5) award / rating! (Mar. 2000) Award for portfolio tool.

If you search for "Amateur Invest", you'll see their description:

The program can track multiple accounts and portfolios, as well as company data and price information, and download updates from the Internet.
However, Amateur Invest 2000 does offer graphs and reports of the data you enter, password protection, import/export features, and print preview for stock reports. Give it a try to see if it meets your needs."

Rene Michael comments: I have to disagree with their findings. In my opinion, they have not reviewed Amateur Invest very thorough. Also they have not reviewed some of the later versions, even though it has been sent to them. Hope they do a better job the next time round.

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