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Datashow is a program in which You can make powerful presentations on a PC or an overhead projector, simple or advanced tutorials, sparkling demonstrations for products or programs, all sorts of games, etc.

DataShow can be used as a MULTIMEDIA TOOL. You can easily make all sorts of shows that has sounds, sparkling graphics and motion included.

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DataShow is a DOS made program. One way to use it, could be on an older 286, 386 or 486 type computer, that You otherwise can not use for MS-Windows. DataShow can however also be used on new machines and under Windows or OS/2!

So if You want to make self running demonstrations of products or programs, and make a cheap solution with your old machines - DataShow is the way to go. For example you can place an older PC in a store window, and make the presentation in DataShow - Voila a simple, great and cheap solution.

NB: Do not throw out your old PC's - sell them to companies / stores that can use them in their window displays - to present the things they are selling - with the use of DataShow! Make money on your old machines!

DataShow download and install:

Install: Download the package from here. Run it in a separate directory, and it will self-extract. Several examples are included. Read the enclosed INFO.TXT file, and try it yourself!

DataShow Pro, version 2.5A:

Windows, self installing package:

DSHOW25W.EXE (0.7 Mb)


DOS, self extracting package:

DSHOW25A.EXE (0.5 Mb)

Please sign the guest book, when you download files from Simply data.

Register DataShow: If you wish, you can register DataShow. See the included INFO.TXT file. You can send the registration fee via mail, and in return you'll get the registered program via e-mail or by diskettes in regular mail.

Examples: here are other examples of the use of DataShow. Besides the many examples; demos, presentations, games, that are included with the above DataShow package, you can get:

Maze.exe (8Kb) - Find out of the labyrinth (fully functional, but can be enhanced by you).
Breakout.exe (3Kb) - Break the wall down (small part missing, you can do the rest).
Memory.exe - The classic game of memory (fully functional, but can be enhanced by you).

Download the DataShow package, and then download the different games. The games, like the DataShow package above, needs to be extracted before they can be run.

If you make enhancements or any new games with DataShow - please send them - and they will be added to the list!

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