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How to register the shareware program Amateur Invest...

Amateur Invest can be used as either a free or a registered version. You can try - and use - the free version as it is - for as long as you like, but there are a number of benefits to registering. Click here to see a feature comparison.

On this page, you can read all about registering:

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2. Why register?
3. What you'll get
4. License

You can click on the links above or scroll down the page. And you can:

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1. Register Amateur Invest:

Please use one of these two methods to send the registration fee:

Method 1: Credit or debit card, via PayPal (USD $69 $49.99)
Method 2: Wire transfer or cash via mail (USD $55 $40)

All prices are for one registered version. If you or your company need to have more copies of Amateur Invest, you can send an email for site licences, or special wishes. Please also write, if you wish to resell the program.

Take a look at this page to find ways to save/make money.

Method 1: By using a secure online service for credit and debit cards.

Payment with credit or debit card:
We use PayPal to handle the registration. PayPal accept many cards. The price is USD $69 $49.99.

With PayPal you can either have a PayPal account or just use your credit or debit card directly. On the order page, you can select either way.

Please use the following secure registration service.

PayPal - Click on large button here and select payment method:



Method 2: Registering via wire transfer or mail with cash.

Payment via wire transfer:
You can wire transfer the money - just remember to send your name, address and email address. The bank account number is: swift code (BIC-code): BANODKKK, IBAN no. DK8865103051920162.

Payment via cash:
You can send the payment via mail. 1) Write an email for more information. 2) Print and fill out the page here, and send a letter including the cash as (P)riority mail if you want to make absolutely sure it is received. Send it by airmail (to speed things up a bit).

There's a cash rebate of USD $10 for using this method. (Payment via method 1 costs USD $69 $49.99).

USA, World Euro England Denmark
USD $ 40 EUR 35 25 DKr. 300

You can send or bank transfer an equivalent cash amount in other currencies, eg. Australian Dollars, Swedish or Norwegian Kroner, etc. Send an email to get the specifics.

2. WHY register?

You can use the program as it is - it is a fully functioning program, and it doesn't expire. But in certain places some functions are not available. These functions become available, when you register. By following these links, you can view either the feature comparison matrix and/or the benefits of registering. Also by registering, You support the continued development of the program.


The program is available at this internet site in the latest version. So you can download it from here.

If you choose to register, You'll receive an email or fax (if you do not have email) with the registration codes, as soon as possible after the registration fee is received - usually within max. 2 days.

With the registration codes you'll get (open up for) the following benefits:

  • All functions will be available, eg.
    - You can change the password in the program,
    - More Technical Analysis are available,
    - And much more...
  • You have registered coming Amateur Invest versions.
  • There will be no "Unregistered" notices on printouts and other places.

With Amateur Invest you can keep your investment to yourself, since they are not placed anywhere else but on your computer. Amateur Invest also has a number of features not found on internet sites.

4. Licence:

ONCE you have registered a version, be aware that the program is only used by one person at one time on one computer. Just as if you have bought a book. A book can only be read by one person in one place at one time. If you need to use Amateur Invest in several places at one time - Please register the number of copies you need separately, according to the price list above.

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