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1. How to contact.

Regarding this site, registering, advertising or other questions or suggestions, you can use the following e-mail address. Please note the e-mail address here, and enter it into your mail program.

Simply Data email address. Please enter it into your mail program.
Simply Data email address. Please enter it into your mail program.

In order to avoid unsolicitated e-mails from programs that find e-mail addresses on the internet automatically, it unfortunately has been necessary to make the procedure for sending an e-mail a bit difficult.

You can also contact us via our page on facebook (click on image):

2. About Simply Data.

Simply Data was created by R. Michael. He was an exchange student in the United States from 1981-1982, where he attended Fletcher Sr. High, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. With a Master of Business Administration and Computer Science degree, he has kept his programming skills up to date with the software programs Amateur Invest, Keep it (a) Secret, and DataShow.

It is the purpose of Simply Data to make programs, that are easy to use - and to provide simple, efficient and inexpensive solutions.

You can hire Simply Data for your own projects. Specialities include: Strategic information usage, Project Management, Internet Technology, Networks, .Net, Sharepoint, Lotus Notes, Programming (in .Net, Delphi and Notes), Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, PC's, AS/400, security.

And Simply Data is also available for seminars about investing in stocks / shares, and the use of Amateur Invest. Write an email to the address above if you are interested.

NB: Looking to make money ?
- Take a look at the
venture capital page.

3. Mission statement.

This internet site and the software programs available here are dedicated to all amateur investors, and shareware users. There are plenty of books, sites and programs for professional investors. But easy to understand, and easy to use sites and programs for all other investors, are more uncommon. Investors, that use their hard earned money, in an effort to make a little profit, should have access to information, knowledge and tools, that makes the effort possible. It is therefore the mission of Simply Data, to provide independant information, knowledge and tools, that are easy to understand and easy to use.

Now it's us "Amateur Investors" turn! - Learn to invest like a pro. Browse through this site, and see the many texts and tools available. Do not let the different internet sites know your own investments, by placing your portfolio there - Keep your investments private!

- Learn the tools of the trade and invest like a pro!


R. Michael
The author of the book "make money on shares" and the software program "Amateur Invest".

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