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Stock splits, name changes, etc.:

This page contains information about stock splits and name changes for many companies. The page also contain information about how to do a stock split and how to change name in the software program Amateur Invest. Please scroll down the page to read it all.

What is a stock split?

An example is the best way to explain a stock split: A company has issued 1 million stocks which are traded on a stock exchange for 500 each. Since the price of the stock is high, this might prevent people from buying and selling the stock, so in an effort to create more flow in the stock, the company decides to do a stock split. With a stock split of 2:1 (read: 2 for 1), for each stock you own, you'll receive one additional stock, so that you now have two. In a split of 5:1 you'll end up with 5 for each you have now. The company does a 5:1 split, and there are now 5 million stocks, valued 100 each. Since there now are more stocks to buy and sell at a lower price, this usually makes the prices go up a little bit also. So therefore stock splits are seen to be favorable for stock holders.

How to split stock prices:

From the main screen in Amateur Invest, select "Admin." for administrative tasks. - In the Admin. window, select the folder: "Database maintenance", and click the "Update button". Select the appropriate company name, and enter the split value. Click "Ok", and all prices will be updated. You'll have to update your portfolio manually, with the new number of stock that you own.

How to update the names / codes:

From the main screen in Amateur Invest, select "Securities" from the big menu on the left. - Name change: Simply change the name in the securities window, and all stock prices, and your portfolio will be updated with the new name. - Codes: Simply change the "ID Import" code in the securities window. - For picture, showing an example of the above, please see the "How-to" page.

List of various stock splits:

Usually, when the stock market is "slow" there is not many companies that split their stocks. On the other hand, when there has been a upward trend for some time, and stocks have become more expensive, you'll see many stock splits. So for a period of a couple of years, not many stock splits were recorded. But now it looks like its time for stock splits again.

Here you can find the stock splits that influence the stocks that comes as an "appetizer" with Amateur Invest:

  • Dec: Nike - stock split 2:1.
  • Aug: Coca Cola Company - stock split 2:1.


  • May: Ericsson - reverse stock split 1:5.
  • Apr: BASF - stock split 2:1.
  • Mar: Porsche - stock split 10:1.


  • Dec: Novo Nordic - stock split 2:1.
  • Nov: Sun Microsystems - reverse stock split 1:4.
  • Jun: Group Danone - stock split 2:1.
  • Apr: Nike - stock split 2:1.
  • Apr: Volvo - stock split 5:1.
  • Apr: Orkla - stock split 5:1.
  • Feb: Ryan Air - stock split 2:1.


  • May: Unilever - reverse stock split: 9:20.

Slow period...


  • Jun: Proctor & Gamble - stock split 2:1.
  • Jun: Group Danone - stock split 2:1.


  • Sep: AOL Time Warner - name and code change. New name: Time Warner, New code: TWX
  • Mar: Microsoft - stock split: 2:1.


  • Dec: AT&T - reverse stock split: 1:5.
  • Dec: Telia - name and code change. New name: TeliaSonera, New code: TLSN.ST
  • Aug: Navision, bought by Microsoft. Company deleted.
  • May: Group 4 Falck - stock split: 4:1
  • May: Hewlet Packard and Compaq merger - code change to: HPQ
  • Apr: Barclays - stock split: 2:1
  • Mar: Banque National de Paris - stock split: 2:1

Before 2002:

  • Oct. 2001: Chevron Texaco merger: delete Texaco, change Chevron name to ChevronTexaco, code to: CVX
  • Sep. 2001: SAS, Scandinavian Airline Systems - code change to: SAS.CO
  • Aug. 2001: BP Amoco - code change to: BP.L
  • July 2001: Peugeot Citroen - stock split 6:1
  • July 2001: Exxon Mobil - stock split 2:1
  • July 2001: Fiat - code change to: FIA.MI
  • July 2001: Fosters Group - code change to: FGL.AX
  • May 2001: Johnson & Johnson - stock split 2:1
  • May 2001: Name change: TeleDanmark (TeleDenmark) to TDC, and code changed to: TDC.CO
  • May 2001: Carli Gry and Inwear Group have merged forming IC Company. New code is: IC.CO
  • Apr. 2001: Novo Nordic - stock split 5:1
  • Dec. 2000: Glaxo Welcome & SmithKline Beecham becomes GlaxoSmithKline, code: GSK.L
  • Dec. 2000: Nordic Baltic Holding name change to Nordea, and code change to NDA.CO
  • Dec. 2000: British Telecom - Code change: BT.L
  • Dec. 2000: Yahoo has changed internet code for Ostasiatic Company (EAC) from OSTC.CO to EAC.CO
  • Nov. 2000: Danske Bank - stock split 10:1
  • Nov. 2000: Hewlet Packard - stock split 2:1
  • Oct. 2000: Anheuser Bush - stock split 2:1
  • Aug. 2000: Ford - stock split 1.748:1
  • Aug. 2000: Intel - stock split 2:1
  • Jul. 2000: National Westminster Bank, has been deleted (bought by Royal Bank of Scotland).
  • Jul. 2000: Bell Atlantic has merged with GTE, forming Verizon Communications, internet code: VZ
  • Jul. 2000: Unidanmark has merged into Nordic Baltic Holding with stock split 12.704:1
  • Jul. 2000: Falck name change to: Group 4 Falck
  • Jun. 2000: Group Danone - stock split 2:1
  • May. 2000: William Demant - stock split 5:1
  • May. 2000: Ericsson B - stock split 4:1
  • May. 2000: General Electric - stock split 3:1
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