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Amateur Invest, Version history!

On this page, you'll find the version history of Amateur Invest. This is so that you can see, what has been enhanced in the program, and so you can decide if you would like to upgrade.

At the bottom part of this page, You'll find an error report. In case you find any errors, you should use that form to report the error.

If you have any ideas or improvements you would like to see added to new versions of Amateur Invest, please use the forum, or our Guest Book, and write your proposal in the "Comments" area. Please check the feature list and beta version page first, to see if your wishes are already there or work in progress.

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Amateur Invest 2010, Rev. A - 1. Nov. 2010, Rev. A+ - 1. Jun. 2011:

  • 2010 A+: Minor correction regarding downloading prices.
  • Improved: Show dates + prices in graph.
  • New: Export portfolio to Excel.
  • Fixed: error printing securities report

Amateur Invest 2009, Rev. A - 2. Mar. 2009, Rev. A+ - 1. Nov. 2009:

  • Improved 2009A+: Refresh build, Minor fixes, US date format in graphs.
  • New: Investment strategy notes for each portfolio.
  • New: Choose average or individual method.
  • Many small improvements.

Amateur Invest 2008, Rev. A - 1. Feb. 2008, Rev. B - 1. Sep. 2008, Rev. C - 17. Dec. 2008:

  • Improved 2008C: Various customer requests.
  • Improved 2008B: First time introduction.
  • New 2008B: modern look - and switch to old.
  • New 2008B: color choosing made easier.
  • Even more company / security definitions easily available.
  • Startup wizard - for getting the program to work easily.
  • Multiple portfolio manager.
  • Possible to update historical prices for all companies.
  • Possible to set background color of main screen.
  • Better support for odd screen modes.

Amateur Invest 2007, Rev. X - Beta 1, 28. Jun. 2007, Z - Beta 2, 1. Oct. 2007:

  • 2007Z is Beta 2 for Amateur Invest 2008 - info and download from the beta page.
  • 2007X is Beta 1 for Amateur Invest 2008.

Amateur Invest 2007, Rev. A+, 4. Oct. 2006 - B, 1. Feb. 2007 - C, 14. May 2007:

  • Now available in a free and a registered version - some restrictions removed.
    - See the features list for comparison.
  • Now possible for automatic debiting / crediting of an account at buy / sell time.
  • Improvements with chat link, link to page with ID codes.
  • Improved: better support for Windows Vista, eg. new help system.
  • Improved: remember window positions for resized windows.
  • Improved: skip userid+pw at startup if you wish.
  • Improved (2007C): Calculation price for portfolio exposed.
  • Improved (2007C): Ask for price change when changing portfolio.
  • Updated (2007C): Database engine.
  • Fixed: problems regarding currency download and entry into portfolio.
  • Fixed: rescaling of portfolio window now keeps labels inside frame.
  • Fixed (2007C): Import of historical prices.
  • Other small improvements.

Amateur Invest 2006, Rev. A, 26. Feb. - B+, 4. Apr. 2006:

  • Rev. B: Various errors fixed, and minor improvements.
  • New: Import wizard, makes checking for and importing prices, securities, etc., easier.
  • New: Database engine changed - substantially improves speed in most places.
  • Changed: Registration procedure.

Amateur Invest 2005, Rev. A, 1. Sep. 2005:

  • New: short selling.
  • Improved: many changes and improvements.

Amateur Invest 2004, Rev. A, 28. Feb. - B, 1. Sep. - C. 10. Oct. - D. 06. Nov. 2004:

Production version twelve + maintenance releases.

  • New (2004B): Investment links - keep track of your www links.
  • New: Report designer.
  • Improved (2004C): XP problem with hidden windows.
  • Improved (2004C): Import security setup via file function.
  • Fix (2004D): Download of historical prices.
  • Improved (2004B): Dynamic resizing of important windows.
  • Improved: Buy/Sell/Investment advisor.
  • Improved: More robust.

Amateur Invest 2003, Rev. A, 1. Feb. - B, 1. Mar. - C, 4. Apr. - D, 1. Oct. 2003:

Production version eleven + maintenance releases.

  • New: Buy/Sell/Investment advisor.
  • New: Scrolling stock ticker, for up/down stock quotes.
  • Improved: Portfolio investment selection.
  • Improved: Sell costs also in sell window.
  • Improved: Bank transactions filtering.
  • Improved: Larger ID and Amounts bought fields.
  • Improved (2003B): New look in menues (like xp style).
  • Improved (2003B+C): More investment advisors.
  • Improved (2003C): Visual work in some windows.
  • Improved (2003C): Speed improvements in some areas.
  • Improved (2003C): Improved help + focussing on securities in general.
  • Improved (2003D): More robustness + Print changes.
  • Fix: sell of part of stock investment, printer init, what-if, company transfer, more.
  • See beta page for more.

Amateur Invest 2002, Rev. E, 1. Jun. - Rev. X, 1. Nov. 2002:

Production version ten + Interim release on the way to AI 2003.

  • New: Get currencies via internet.
  • New: Get more companies via internet.
  • New: Get historical stock prices / quotes via the internet.
  • New: Top 10, biggest rises / loses list.
  • Improved: Setting of stop profit / loss.
  • Internal database and installation changes.

Amateur Invest 2002, Revision B, 1. Feb. 2002:

Production version nine.

  • New: Now also view graphical index on industries.
  • Improved: Mass assign interest rates.
  • Improved: Mass assign budget codes.
  • Improved: Many enhancements to budget.
  • Improved: Speed up stock graphics windows.
  • Improved: Filter stocks in portfolio.
  • Fixed: some problems with sold stocks.

Amateur Invest 2002, Revision A, 1. Nov. 2001:

Production version eight.

  • New: Timed automatic download of stock prices / stock quotes.
  • New: Financial calendar tool.
  • Improved: German+French prices again.
  • Improved: Budget - printing.
  • Improved: % totals in portfolio window.
  • Improved: Multiselect in many windows.
  • Improved: Several fixes and improvements.

Amateur Invest 2001, Revision T, 30. June 2001:

This is a maintenance release on the way towards A-Invest 2002.

  • Fixed: transactions on more bank accounts.
  • Enhanced: easier setting of proxy connection.
  • Some fixes, including a possible installation problem.

Amateur Invest 2001, Revision B, 04. April 2001:

Seventh production version.

  • New: Can have main windows open at the same time.
  • Enhanced: one new technical analysis added.
  • Enhanced: ability to use proxy servers.
  • Some fixes.

Amateur Invest 2001, Revision A+, 20. February 2001:

Sixth production version.

  • A+ version with fixes - please download upgrade package, if you have downloaded 2001, from 15-20 feb.
  • New: More currency work, for international stock purchases.
  • New: Budgetting, for better personal finance management.
  • New: Some technical analyses has been added.
  • Enhanced: Registered users can have own logo in reports.
  • Enhanced: Saves date setup for graphs.
  • Enhanced: can now automatically download stock prices from USA, Canada, England, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Australia. Examples are included.
  • Enhanced: Faster startup time and update of stock prices.
  • Improved looks in graphs.
  • Internal improvements in printer support and internet download.

Amateur Invest 2000, Revision D++, 01. October 2000:

Fifth production version. - Again a major release, and still in 2000...

Registered users can upgrade free of charge!

  • Enhanced: bank rates, and interest calculations can be with intervals.
  • Enhanced: Active, test and sold stocks, shown separately. Sell all or part.
  • New: Net-worth, All-in-one overview of economy.
  • New: "reload" button for new installations.
  • New: "update" button for internet definitions.
  • New: change sort order in company database.
  • New: right click in company database - goto company internet site.
  • Minor internal improvements in internet download.

Amateur Invest 2000, Revision C, 28. April 2000:

Fourth production version.

Registered users can upgrade free of charge!

  • New: Find in both bank transactions and companies.
  • Enhanced: Stop profit/loss check enabled.
  • Fixed: Only 2 decimals in portfolio value summation.
  • Fixed: Adding transactions.
  • Fixed: Yahoo change of UK stock price import.

Amateur Invest 2000, Revision B, 04. April 2000:

Third production version. This really is a major release, but we are still in 2000...

Registered users can upgrade free of charge!

  • New: Can download/update stock prices almost REALTIME from other internet sites (Yahoo).
  • New: Up/Down arrow stock price indicators i company data and portfolio.
  • New: Financial calculations; simple- and enhanced What-if-analysis.
  • New: Pop up limits checking upon stock price import.
  • New: Manage multiple portfolios.
  • Enhanced: Help texts have been expanded.
  • Enhanced: Summation in portfolio of all individual profit/losses.
  • Enhanced: Choose between accounts from description also.
  • Enhanced: Free text search for bank transactions.
  • Enhanced: Internet links in company data.

Amateur Invest 2000, Revision A, 01. February 2000:

Second production version.

  • New: Automatic download and update of stock prices from internet.
  • New: Now bank section also contain a consolidation column.
  • New: Compare two companies in one graph.
  • View four companies in one window.
  • Improved looks in tables.
  • Improved looks in many reports.
  • Many other small improvements.

Amateur Invest, version 1.0A, 04. April 1999:

First production version.

  • New: Possible limit setting and monitoring.
  • New: All reports have been worked over.
  • New: Now possible to save graphics of eg. stock prices to a file.
  • Many minor fixes and enhancements.

Amateur Invest, Beta 2.0, 20. December 1998:

Last beta version.

  • Fixed: the import function for rates & info did not work correctly.
  • Fixed: the transactions report had "tilted" amounts on large reports.
  • New: in most windows, you can now directly view reports on screen.

Amateur Invest, Beta 1, 11. November 1998:

  • First beta version.

Some parts of the program are still being addressed:

  • The advice section, in alarm/watch.
  • Some admin settings doesn't change program behavior (eg. language, etc).

If you do find other errors, please report them, using the following form (simply cut and paste):

------------------------------- Error Report ------------------------------------
E-mail to: Simply Data.

Version and revision used (look under "help / about Amateur Invest"): ___________

Error found by (name): ______________________________________________

Full e-mail address: ________________________________________________

How does the error show itself? _______________________________________

(eg. error message, break of program, etc.).

Can you reconstruct the error again and again? ___________________________

Which steps leads to the error? _______________________________________

(please write all the menu commands/functions all the way from the main menu)

Any further comments: ______________________________________________

(please write any good ideas, suggestions, etc)
------------------------------- Error Report ------------------------------------

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